Document Pickup Unit (DPU)

One of the services which we provide are visiting the customers address on an appointment basis, to get the document’s signed and collect required documents. Along with this, we also verify the documents against the originals at the same time.

Collecting KYC – We contact the customer and collect their documents required for completing the KYC process.

RC Book – As soon as the lead is generated by alternate Channels, we contact the customer and collect the filled Application form, KYC and Income documents. The documents are also verified against the originals at the same time.

ECS – We assist in Collecting ECS Mandates from customers and can also verify / submit the same to the customer’s Bank for further process.

Invoice – Invoices which are issued for the customers are personally delivered and followed up on, to ensure a smooth payment process, and minimise dues.

Cheque – We visit the Customer’s address as per Appointment and collect the premium cheque of specified amount, and we also deposit the same into Client’s Bank Account

CAF Customers Application Form – Application forms are also generated and shared by us with the customers, and we show personal interest in the welfare of the customer and ensure a smooth execution, briefing them and collecting any additional documents that are required.